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Washington's Crossing

"Washington's Crossing" is copyright    2005 by Kate Kern Mundie. All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

pastel, 20 x 22 inches, 2005
Collection of Jack and Cynthia Kern

Over consecutive weekends in May, my husband and I drove up to Washington’s Crossing along the Delaware River. This drawing took two sessions to complete. It was a hazy and humid day when I started. I drew for about an hour while Jim walked along the river trail. I was merrily working away when suddenly the air charged with lightening, the wind started gusting, the sky opened up and it started to pour.

I grabbed my drawing board off the easel – because it was working as a sail that threatened to drag my entire paintbox into the river, and also to protect the drawing-in-progress from the rain. I laid the drawing face down in the grass and tried to quickly pack my pastels back into the easel box and fold it all up. Jim came running down the path and helped me get everything into the car.

The next weekend we came back during perfect weather and I was able to cover the marks the rain had made in the drawing and finish it.

[detail enlargement]

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