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James G. Mundie's Prodigies

Mundie's critically acclaimed portraits of sideshow performers

James G. Mundie's
photographs on Flickr

Documenting various spectacles such as Coney Island USA's annual Mermaid Parade, sideshow performances, roller derby, and other interesting subjects

Hunterian Museum
The Royal College of Surgeons of England

The legacy of pioneering surgeon and anatomist John Hunter (1728-1793), in the heart of London


The online catalogue of the museum and archive collections at the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Museum Vrolik
Universiteit van Amsterdam

The collections of Gerardus Vrolik (1775-1859) and his son, Willem Vrolik (1801-1863), now housed in the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam

Museum Bleulandinum
Department of Anatomy,
University Medical Center,
Universiteit Utrecht

The collection of Jan Bleuland (1756-1838), professor of anatomy and obstetrics at Utrecht University

De Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

The holdings of the Anatomisch Museum — comprised largely of the collections of Petrus Camper (1722-1798) and Pieter de Riemer (1769-1831) — are now displayed through the Universiteitsmuseum

Mütter Museum
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

The fabulous 19th-century museum housing the collection of Dr. Thomas Dent Mütter (1811-1859)

National Museum of Health
and Medicine

Founded in 1862 as the Army Medical Museum for research in military medicine and surgery, the museum (formerly part of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) for many years resided on the campus of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C., but has recently relocated to nearby Silver Spring, Maryland

Musée Dupuytren
Faculté de Médecine,
Université Pierre & Marie Curie

Founded in 1835 and tucked within the confines of the convent Les Cordeliers, the museum was shuttered in 1937. Thankfully, Musée Dupuytren was re-established in 1967. Although many specimens were lost or destroyed at the time of the museum's closure, the collection today is still excellent with many rare and important items.

Muséum National d‘Histoire
Naturelle, Paléontologie
et Anatomie Comparée

These magnificent galleries on Jardin des Plantes opened in 1898 for l‘Expositions universelles de Paris. The building itself is a glorious art-nouveau masterpiece full of bones, fossils, and other specimens.

Morbid Anatomy

Surveying the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture


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