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sketchbook & other drawings

Untitled Untitled Untitled Clockwork Creature from the Black Lagoon

SideshowWorld logo - black and white SideshowWorld logo - color illustration for American Dime Museum Untitled

Glenshee: view from Cnoc Liath Glenshee A924 above Moulin and Pitlochry (Perthshire, Scotland) Bridge of Cally Road (Perthshire, Scotland)

View from Cat Law (Angus, Scotland) Blizzard over Glenshee St. Andrews Castle (Fife, Scotland) Forgotten Airship Disaster No. 27

Jack-o-lantern Kate reading (Jitterbug Perfume) Eastern State Penitentiary Tempest Storm

Le Petomane View from 95 Blvd. de Sébastopol Notre Dame (Paris) Prinsengracht (Amsterdam

Palace of Wonders logo Palace of Wonders logo (color) No. 7010 (Mütter Museum) No. 1145.70 (Mütter Museum)

Louise La Tease Kate and Declan Ms. Darcy and slave Mat Fraser, Postmodern Seal Boy

samples from Prodigies

Lady Anne The Bathers Ritratto di Annie Jones A Pinhead for H. H.

The Masters Tocci Portrait of an Elastic-skinned Gentleman The Woman with Fegee Mermaid Proportions of Joseph Merick (Recto)

Portrait of a Thrice-thumbed Man Portrait of Frieda Pushnik and a Patron at a Casement The Two-headed Mexican (Pasqual Pinon) Portrait of Dudly Foster and His Family

Happy Jack Eckert as Drunken Silenus The Lady with the Two-faced Kitten more to come...

To see more drawings from this series, please visit the
Prodigies website at missionCREEP.com

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